About Victoria

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, from a young age Victoria had a love of acting and accents in particular.  At 16 she became a member of the National Youth Theatre (UK’s world leading youth theatre organization) and at 18, she accepted a scholarship to the prestigious drama school – LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). Here she received some of the best voice and dialect training in the world from the likes of Yvonne Morley, who was schooled by Cicely Berry and Patsy Rodenburg…

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“Deadheads” star, Natalie Victoria sits down with Victoria to talk about all things ‘dialects’. Auditioning is part of an actors daily life and Natalie, like many actors often finds herself having with a dialect dilema when an audition comes in and a certain accent or dialect is required: ‘Where do I start? Do I have enough time? Will I be able to convince them that it sounds authentic?…..’ So, in a small place on Melrose on the cusp of happy hour the conversation begins.

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