The Audition: To be or not to be?…in the character. That is the Question!

Actor: “So, when I go into the audition do I speak in my own dialect or in the dialect as me or as the character in the dialect?” Hmmm……This is a quesiton that a lot dialect coaches often get asked. They all have their own thoughts on this. My answer has changed through the past few years. I have had experience in the audition room as a reader and so my ears have been exposed lot of opinions. What I learnt from the experience is just that- a lot of people have a lot of different opinions and those opinions change. There really is no rule of thumb when it comes going in speaking in the dialect or not. My advise is this- do whatever you feel most comfortable with. If it helps you to go in speaking in the dialect or even indeed ‘as the character’ then do it. Trust me if you asked that quesition to a panel of casting directors, directors and producers you would get different answers- you are not a physic and you can’t possibly please everyone. They should be far more interested in your actual audition then anything else and so do whatever you need to do to give a great audition.