Corporate Training

Every Great Business Has Great Communicators

Whatever your title, wherever you work, however qualified you are, if you can’t communicate effectively then you are limiting your potential business income and success. As a speech coach and accent reduction coach, I work to develop effective vocal communication skills.

Coached Dr Murrell for television appearances

Accent Modification for Professionals


YOUR SCHEDULE IS JAM PACKED. Communication training is on your “to-do” list  but you don’t know how you can possibly fit anything else into your day. However, if you use your voice to conduct business, then you need to be able to speak as clearly as possible. It might not only be slowing you down, due to the the amount of time wasted repeating yourself but, if you can’t convey yourself in the most effective way vocally, then it might also be costing you money. Having worked in the corporate world, I understand the needs of the professional and offer customize packages to suit you. I can work with you in person or via Skype, which proves particularly useful for clients who travel. My sessions are created to provide fast and thorough results.  Most clients start to notice changes after one or two sessions and will see a significant difference over a period of eight to twelve sessions. After my sessions, my clients have seen a noticeable improvement in business. They often feel less stressed and, importantly, are more confident in their vocal and communication abilities.

Presentation & Public Speaking Training


When most people think of public speaking or presentations, one word normally comes to mind, ‘Nerve-wracking’. It doesn’t have to be! When delivering a presentation or speaking in public, you can inspire, persuade, enthuse and empower. It can be memorable for all the right reasons. As a public speaking coach in Los Angeles, I work with clients to develop their ability to speak confidently and deliver a memorable presentation. Being a good speaker demonstrates confidence and competence when it comes to business. Due to my classical training and over ten years experience in public speaking, I coach clients in the techniques and skills needed to capture their audience and deliver a powerful, yet seemingly effortless, performance. You will feel in control, well prepared, and nerve free after public speaking coaching!

“My goal is to raise the client’s ability to communicate. Whether you have a foreign accent, which people may struggle to understand, a voice that is monotone, squeaky, too fast, maybe even a little dull or if your public speaking skills generally need improving-  I work with you to achieve sustainable results”

Interview & Customer Service Skills


Have you ever been on the phone to customer service and the voice on the other end is so squeaky that it goes through you or is pitched on one slow, flat level that it’s sending you to sleep? However capable they might be, if their voice does not sound pleasant to the ear, then the chances of the caller remaining on the line to hear more is fairly slim. Voice is incredibly important when talking to customers or potential customers – the voice represents the business. I work with companies to enhance phone rapport with the customer. Employees that spend eight to ten hours a day on the phone can sound like they are a machine on repeat. People want to connect with people. I will work with your business to make sure that you are striking up good relationships with customers, and that the voices representing you are authentic and genuinely interested in the customers and their needs.