Accent Reduction

What Is Accent Reduction?

Accent reduction is also referred to as accent modification or accent neutralization. It can be difficult to understand someone who is speaking English as a second language or those who have a thick regional accent.


I am a Brit now living in America. In the past I saw a glazed look come over the people to whom I was speaking.   It was not that I was boring them,  at least I hope not. It was that some of my sounds and terminology were unfamiliar to them. You may have a beautiful sounding foreign accent or regional accent but, if people constantly ask you to repeat yourself and are struggling to understand you, you will be limited both socially and professionally.

By adjusting some of your speech patterns to an American speech pattern as well as changing the stresses and rhythm of your speech, I can help you to sound more American and improve your ability to communicate. Based in Los Angeles, I help train people in accent reduction, enabling you to avoid the confusions that come with heavy accents.

Accent Modification for Professionals

Having worked in the corporate world, I understand the importance of communication. I am able to offer customized packages in accent modification to suit your needs. I can work with an individual in person or via Skype, which proves extremely helpful to those who frequently travel. One can be anywhere in the world and in any time-zone and still work with with me without compromising the quality of coaching. The sessions are aimed at providing fast and thorough results. Most clients start to notice changes after one or two sessions and experience significant improvement over a period of eight to twelve sessions. After my sessions, my clients have seen a noticeable improvement in their vocal and communication abilities.

“It starts with a conversation, I ask you a few questions and hear you speak. I also hear you read from a short passage. I can then understand more about your voice and customize a plan for you. I offer different packages; you choose which is best for you. Then we start!  Practice is a key part of the process. Clients are often surprised by how quickly they improve by short amounts of  constant practice.”